Cupping Therapy for Weight Loss

Many acupuncturists use cupping as a part of their daily practice and with the popularization of cupping by the 2016 American Olympic Swim team patients are requesting this therapy more frequently.  When we discuss the benefits of cupping we always remember to mention circulation, reduction of inflammation, detoxifying effects, however far too often we overlook the benefits of cupping as a tool for weight loss.  
When we gain weight our fat cells increase in size, not number and the capillaries can struggle to keep up with increasing tissue mass, this means that fatty areas are not areas of high circulation.  Cupping over these areas forces blood flow through the adipose (fat) tissue and as the blood is circulating it is able to break down the contents of the fat cells into usable energy and eliminate any toxins that are stored.  Cupping for weight loss often causes the patient to eliminate dampness via increased sweating or increased urination and can be done in combination with an acupuncture treatment. 
Cupping for weight loss can be done on the abdomen, over points such as ST 25 or CV 12 as well as on the thighs or other problem areas.  Make sure to always screen patients for contraindications and practice clean needle and safety protocol at all times.