Blood Letting for Allergies

With spring well on its way many Acupuncturists are dealing with the annual influx of seasonal allergies.  A widely underutilized treatment for hives and itching associated with seasonal allergies involves the use of the Jing Well Point of the Lung Channel.  
Lung 11 or Lesser Shang is the Jing Well and Wood point of the Lung channel as well as one of the thirteen Ghost Points.  The primary functions of LU 11 are to revive consciousness and clear heat, the use of LU 11 to clear wind heat associated with allergic reactions is strongest when the point is pricked to bleed.  
As the throat is the furthest reach of the lung channel, LU 11 being the Jing Well point of the lung has the strongest effect on clearing heat from the throat.  This is particularly effective in cases such as allergic reaction, cold or flu due to wind heat invasion, mumps, and tonsillitis.  Bleeding LU 11 also has a very strong effect in treating allergic reactions manifesting in the skin such as chronic or acute hives.  
The point can be located on the radial corner of the thumb nail and once pricked by a lancet or three edge needle it is best if the thumb is then squeezed and the drops of blood wiped away by an alcohol swab.  The squeezing should be repeated until the point no longer bleeds.  
This is a very strong treatment to clear heat and although it is extremely useful in the clinic it is important to note that this must not be used in cases of empty heat or in cases with yin and/or blood deficiency.  Patients will notice immediate results following treatment. 
As with every treatment protocol it is important to utilize proper clean needle technique and to dispose of medical waste appropriately especially when contaminated with blood.  Please ensure your patients seek the care of a western Medical Doctor when needed.